The Wildflower Gathering

  • There is Beauty in Simplicity

    There is Beauty in Simplicity
    Wildflower and The Rose is entirely and truly planted based; no complicated ingredients or ones unpronounceable. I've experienced that working with as pure of a plant or flower matter as possible offers so much more incredible support for our body, mind and soul.
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  • The Summer I Quit Chemicals

    The Summer I Quit Chemicals
    That summer I decided to nix the chemicals as best I could. Even in a better spot continuing with low tox color, it still made my chest tight, skin itch and overall body aches/yucks. It was scary. It was also my last ditch effort to save my career. I cannot tell you how many stylists I’ve spoken with who have been in the same exact spot. Sick. Tired. Torn.
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  • Rooted In Nature

    Rooted In Nature
    I no longer need to settle for conventional and harsh shampoos, heavy silicone conditioners or less than beneficial leave in products or toxic color chemicals.The most fascinating REawakening is how beautifully flowers + herbs can offer color to hair, while simultaneously healing on so many levels.
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  • Hairstyling is making Us ill.

    Hairstyling is making Us ill.
    I promise, you are here for a reason. Your skills are needed and not in vain. You are not alone and you are not stuck. Sometimes it just takes a fresh perspective and a helping hand.
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