Folk Herbalism for The Hair Healer

Imagine a sacred space where you can delve into the magical world of flowers, plants, nectars and earth for hair and scalp. A place where you're inner wisdom + modern hairstyling knowledge melds with our Wise Woman + Green Witch ancestry. Have you been feeling the calling to REawaken your Craft?

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Hairstyling is Making Us Ill

Hairstyling is Making Us Ill

So here's the deal; Stylists are becoming sick.

And I don't mean a cold sick. I mean chronic health issues, unfamiliar symptoms, body pain, fatigue, brain fog, headache, GI issues, food intolerances, etc. Does this sound like a wide scope and a bit of an assumption? Could be. But I'm here to say, I know my years in the industry added to my health issues. I know other local stylist struggling big time with chronic health issues. And I've chatted numerous times with other stylists virtually who are suffering as well. So what gives? And why has this topic not been brought mainstream?

Because hairstyling is our passion. It is our craft. It is our income, our escape, our innate gift. And to challenge that current dynamic with the thought that our environment and tools we use could be harming us is a tough pill to swallow. If we admit there is an issue, the questions of how do I earn an income? Do I need to quit my job? How will I pay my bills? Why is this happening to me? flood our fear zone.

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Blend for Behind The Chair

Earthen clays, wildflower cleansers, floral rinses, botanical mists + mystical blooms

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The Spoken Word

  • There is Beauty in Simplicity

    There is Beauty in Simplicity
    Wildflower and The Rose is entirely and truly planted based; no complicated ingredients or ones unpronounceable. I've experienced that working with as pure of a plant or flower matter as possible offers so much more incredible support for our body, mind and soul.
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  • The Summer I Quit Chemicals

    The Summer I Quit Chemicals
    That summer I decided to nix the chemicals as best I could. Even in a better spot continuing with low tox color, it still made my chest tight, skin itch and overall body aches/yucks. It was scary. It was also my last ditch effort to save my career. I cannot tell you how many stylists I’ve spoken with who have been in the same exact spot. Sick. Tired. Torn.
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