October 21, 2021

The Summer I Quit Chemicals

By Wildflower and The Rose Admin
The Summer I Quit Chemicals
I had just moved my salon location to this beautiful old space closer to downtown and shared with my friend Hannah. The furniture and decor was in my eyes, perfect. The location minutes from my home. That space had good vibes; years prior it was a bridal shop where I found my wedding dress at! Good backstory. Good bones. Killer old detail and hardwood floors. So much of it was my manifestation list come true. It was magic. 

So why didn’t I feel content? Why didn’t I feel settled and grounded in it? Yes, I was happier there than my previous space. And yes it had so many things I wanted, including a bad ass salon co/stylist. But I felt off. Almost like when you get something you’ve been wishing for, forever and then it happens/you get it and realize it no longer fits like you expected it to?

That summer I decided to nix the chemicals as best I could. Even in a better spot continuing with low tox color, it still made my chest tight, skin itch and overall body aches/yucks. It was scary. It was also my last ditch effort to save my career.

I cannot tell you how many stylists I’ve spoken with who have been in the same exact spot. Sick. Tired. Torn. There’s so much freaking talent in this hair industry. And to see SO many stylists ill, jaded and burned the hell out was disheartening. But I also understood it because I was living it. 

My “surprise” baby Rosie changed me and my life path in the most revolutionizing and soul level torture way (caterpillar-green goo=eventually a butterfly, but that damn green goo man. Omfg.) Her seed saved me, redirected me away from this dead end I felt. It was terrifying to release this once huge dream turned reality. But damn it was and is so cathartic to say and be an herbalist. I’ve just decided to shake things up a bit with HOW I work.

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