October 21, 2021

There is Beauty in Simplicity

By Wildflower and The Rose Admin
There is Beauty in Simplicity

Wildflower and The Rose is a catalyst for self sufficiency in honoring our own bodies, mind and soul.

 It's the energetic imprint of Mother Nature awakening our own intuition and ability to face our modern day challenges. Never a "take this to do that" kind of lifestyle; we're all so unique that such an allopathic mindset can be detrimental to our lives, even with good intentions. I believe in focusing on the whole being which will forever include physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. And I will always support your natural intuitive attraction to a flower remedy or haircare offering for your own beauty embodiment, nourishment and personal growth.

Every offering and product is touched, poured, bottled, labeled and delivered with deep love from my small apothecary studio in Savannah GA.

My aromatic garden grows blossoms + herbs for Wildflower and The Rose's simple, yet abundant flower essences, as well as plants for holistic haircare infusions and botanical hair color. My dream is to own a medicinal flower + herb farm to produce plants for every one of our products. Since space is limited for the time being, I grow a few botanics, source stateside from small farmers and will expand when time + space allows. 

It's vital to my mission that as many of my flowers, herbs, roots, oils, waxes and hydrosols be sourced from plants that grow in the US.

It's a lean on the folk traditions of years gone by, utilizing what is available closer to us. If it's an item I can't grow, I sustainable and ethically source from small farmers or suppliers that align with my ethos. Wildflower and The Rose is entirely and truly planted based; no complicated ingredients or ones unpronounceable. I've experienced that working with as pure of a plant or flower matter as possible offers so much more incredible support for our body, mind and soul.

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