Midnight Garden Redemption Nectar

Our Garden Infused Nectars Are Dripping In Flower Lore And Potent Mysticism.

Midnight Garden Nectar is infused with some of our Flower Gems. These Flower Gems are flower essences which are the energetic imprint of a flower, captured in spring water through solar or lunar rays. No physical elements of the flower remain. When used externally flower essences promote self awareness with the ability to heal gently from energetic stagnation and imbalances. 

Midnight Garden Nectar | Redemption | Clear Heart, Clear Mind

Wow, wow, wowww. This was an intuitive blend I crafted after working with a tempting and mythical creature of a flower, the Moonflower. Moonflower's essence is POTENT. So much so, I wanted to work with her on a slower, and lower scape. Combining deep violet scabiosa blooms to invoke my inner witch with softening and nurturing lavender oil softened the intensity. It is always a slow burn with these plant spirits; honoring their power, combining for potency and relational desires. This blend is pure diva.

Personally I found anointing my heart space and lungs (where I personally have carried a lot of worries, woes and pain), had the most powerful response. I would suggest finding where in your body you carry your heaviness, where your worry exists. Midnight Garden Nectar will clear out the root, be ready to revisit and witness your stories once and for all.

Usage: Anoint your body, hair and supple skin. Avoid eye contact yall.

NOT for consumption. Use externally only and avoid eye contact.

How to choose a flower essence or blend? This one is easy, follow your intuition! Which ever flower essence or blend resonates with you is what your soul is calling for. Trust it.

How do I know when to stop using a flower essence or blend? Intuitively, your body and mind energy knows when it's done. You will tend to forget to take the flower essence, which is a good sign its no longer needed. Also, if a flower essences isn't needed, your energetic body will release it with no physical, mental, emotional or spiritual disruption.

Ingredients: organic jojoba oil, coconut oil, scabiosa, garden grown and crafted moonflower essence, organic lavender oil, loving intentions

1 oz dropper bottle

All flower essences are grown, crafted or foraged from my own Secret Gardens or small farms.