Daffodil Flower Gem

Flower Gems are home grown flower essence blends that nourish our inner life force to bring about awareness, change and energetic healing.

Flower Gems are Wildflower Roses version of flower essences. They are the energetic imprint of a flower, captured in spring water through solar or lunar rays. No physical elements of the flower remain. When taken internally or used externally, flower essences promote self awareness with the ability to heal gently from energetic stagnation and imbalances. 

Daffodil Flower Gem // Honoring Hades x Persephone 

Greek Mythology and the many stories of Hades God of the Underworld & Persephone Goddess of Spring have utterly captured my heart and soul. The duality, the opposites, the uniqueness in their attributes that balance one another. You cannot have light without the dark. Some may look to Hades as a dark, evil God but from my journey he is solely showing us our weakness and challenging our growth. He is not the God of Death, he is their caretaker. A tough truth bringer, but merely a mirror and pressure to shift. And Persephone, what a Goddess; to be Queen of the darkness and the bringer of Spring. The ultimate feminine, with the power to bring life and to honor the death, to push past her own limits to be both dark & light, to be sensual AND motherly. It feels like a permission slip to Become your own true self, to honor the darkness within you without extinguishing your light.

Usage: Add 1-4 drops in hair ritual of choice to bring out a sensual devotion and trust in something larger than yourself. Daffodil Flower Gem honors what’s repressed to help you see the staggering beauty in your true essence.

Our flower gems are all blended in a base of organic apple cider vinegar as we focus on offering gentle, energetic healing modalities that many sensitive individuals may enjoy. Our mists have slightly different base.

How to choose a flower gem? This one is easy, follow your intuition! Which ever flower gem resonates with you is what your soul is calling for. Trust it.

How do I know when to stop using a flower gem? Intuitively, your body and mind energy knows when it's done. You will tend to forget to use the flower gem, which is a good sign its no longer needed. Also, if a flower gem isn't needed, your energetic body will release it with no physical, mental, emotional or spiritual disruption.

Ingredients: organic apple cider vinegar infusion of season (currently viola flowers), solar infusion of garden grown daffodil + spring water. There is no physical daffodil in this blend like an herbal tincture.

1oz bottle

Avoid contaminating dropper to keep your flower gem as pure + energetically charged as possible.

All flower gems are grown, crafted or foraged from our own Organic Secret Garden.