Roots & Stone Clay Cleanser

Roots & Stone Hair Cleanser  

The heart of our Roots & Stone Clay Cleanser has been used for thousands of years as a deep natural cleanser for oily and soiled hair. Rather than use conventional or man made surfactant based shampoo, natural earthen clays & roots, when mixed with water, offer a mineral building + gentle rebalancing hair and scalp cleanser. It's important to keep clay based hair cleansers damp to prevent over cleansing. Roots & Stone Clay Hair Cleanser is ideal for more oily prone scalps, when there is excess product build up or scalp is in transition from conventional shampoo to botanical haircare. Can be used as a mask on wet hair or diluted as a rinse.

Usage: Mix 1+ teaspoon Roots & Stone Clay Cleanser, depending on hair length and thickness, with spring water or a hair tea infusion. For a mask or thicker cleanser, add enough water to create a yogurt consistency and apply to damp roots. For a milder cleanser, mix cleanser and liquid of choice in a more water like consistency and pour rinse over wet hair. Allow clay cleanser to sit 5-10 minutes and thoroughly rinse with warm water. Always Follow with a rinse with FLWR Tonic for proper balance & cleanse. Otherwise your hair will become static.

This jar should last 1-2 months with 2tsp use or 2-3 month with 1tsp use. It is advised to use Roots & Stone Clay Cleanser once or twice a week max. If you are adjusting to herbal hair care from synthetic you may need to use it 2x+ a week for the first month and then cut back. A little goes a long way. And always include a scalp exfoliating routine like brushing daily or a scalp comb in the shower to help with circulation and build up.

Ingredients: rhassoul clay, marshmallow, elderflower + 1 mini spoon

4oz amber glass jar with wooden spoon