Wild Sweet William Gentle Hair Cleanser | Back Bar

Wild Sweet William Gentle Hair Cleanser | 16oz

Sweet William, also know as soapwort, is a wildflower native to England and has naturalized in the States in part due to European settlers. Sweet William contains high levels of saponins which act as natural cleanser and soap. Traditionally it has been used to clean hair, skin, silk and other delicate fabrics. The highest amount of saponins are found in the wildflower's roots, giving itself lots of bubbles and cleansing abilities. Because Sweet William Gentle Hair Cleanser is entirely plant based, it doesn't have the strong, sometimes overly drying affects as would a conventional or man made surfactant based shampoo.

If you typically struggle finding a shampoo or hair cleanser that doesn't irritate your scalp or strip oils, Sweet William Gentle Hair Cleanser is your lady. There is an adjustment phase when switching from conventional shampoo to entirely plant based, but this is just your scalp readjusting from a time of constantly over producing scalp oils to counteract the affects of surfactant shampoos. It will also feel different than you've been trained to expect, keep an open mind. Give yourself a good month or so to adjust and feel free to add either Rhassoul Clay Hair Cleanser into your hair cleansing regimen for added oil absorption or let our Chamomile Clay Blonde Dry Shampoo or Cocoa Rose Brunette Dry Shampoo carry you through the adjustment phase.

Usage: Mix 1 Tablespoon Sweet William Gentle Hair Cleanser with warm spring water or a hair tea infusion to create either a mask consistency or diluted to create a liquid rinse. Apply to wet or damp roots, massage in and allow to sit for at least 5-10 minutes. Feel free to follow with a second cleanse if your scalp needs an extra boost of clean. Rinse well and follow with the appropriate hair rinse to condition.

This jar should last 1-3 months with 1tsp use depending on hair length + density. With herbal hair cleansers, you will train your hair and scalp to only need to be cleansed every 7-10 days. If you are adjusting to herbal hair care from synthetic you may need to use it 2x+ a week for the first month and then cut back. A little goes a long way.

Ingredients: Soapwort Root Powder + spoon

16oz amber glass bottle + wooden spoon


Extra Flower Love: Mix in a few spritz of Rose Geranium Hydrosol for a soothing + hydrating scalp treatment, a splash of organic apple cider vinegar for more oily hair or 1 drop cedarwood essential oil for added strength + shine.