Back Bar Jewelweed | Copper | Flower Hair Color Powder

Flower Hair Color Powder + Rituals are a unique blend of flowers, leaves, roots, seeds + more to create pure, natural hair color from plants. 

Jewelweed | Copper Hair Color is a blend of leaves intended to give a serious copper hue to varying natural hair colors. For blondes expect a bright copper, for light to medium brunettes a true, rich copper, darker brunettes will create a ginger like copper and darkest brunettes will see a subtle auburn especially in sunlight! If you have lighter ends or balayage, each tone in your hair will pick up differently. For example, your lighter pieces will be a more intense copper where as your base color could range from ginger copper to auburn. Everyone's outcome will vary.

For added rose tones, blend with our Hibiscus Rose Hair Rinse instead of plain water. And for more golden tones, blend with our Golden Chamomile Hair Rinse! You'll also receive immense shine, softness and strength for your ends.

Grey or white hair will pick up these intense copper tones so please be very mindful!  

As with all Flower Hair Color Powder, they cannot lighten, lift or fully cover grey hair. For best results, use our Rhassoul Clay Cleanser prior to application to remove unwanted minerals as this can cause the color to show "dingy."

Amount of Flower Hair Color Powder Needed:

  • Roots or Very Short Hair 50g
  • Shoulder Length 100g
  • Mid Back 100-200g 
  • Longer than Mid Back 200g+

***This varies based on thickness and density of your hair. Finer hair will need less, where as fuller hair may need more.***

    Wildflower and The Rose set out to create healthy, chemical free hair color + care from blooms, leaves + botanics that are also healthy for our Earth. Every bottle comes in amber glass with a metal lid that are all reusable or recyclable. We also deeply value keeping beauty simple and using what nature provides.

    Free From:

    • Ammonia
    • PPD
    • Resorcinol 
    • Phthalates
    • Parabens
    • Artificial Dyes
    • Metallic Salts
    • Mineral or Petroleum By Products
    • Animal Testing or Derived Ingredients

    Ingredients: Organic Henna Leaves


      Instructions for Supplies, Mixing and Application

      As with any new haircare or color product, we highly suggest performing a patch test. Just because something comes straight from nature does not mean it may not cause a reaction. To perform a patch test, mix a tiny amount of Flower Hair Color Powder with water to create a paste. Apply to inner arm and wipe off after 5-10 minutes. Wait 24 hours to see if a reaction occurs. Also, those with a G6DP Deficiency should avoid all Flower Hair Color Powders, specifically those containing leaves from henna as an adverse reaction may occur.