Hair Healer Intensive - Student Kit

This Apothecary Offering Coincides with our Wildflower Hair Healer Intensive. It is only available to those members who have signed up for this training. To learn more about offerings, education and virtual Hair Healer stylist training click "Hair Healer Folklore" above to be directed to the education portal.

Hair Healer Intensive Student Kit

Flower Hair Color Powder

Daisy Flower Color Powder (100g)

Jewelweed Flower Color Powder (100g)

Arabian Hollyhock Flower Color Powder (100g)

Elderflower Flower Color Powder (100g)

Petal Paint

Butterfly Blue Dry Blend - Icy Toning (1oz wt)


Flower Hair Color Rinse

Golden Chamomile Hair Rinse (1oz weight)

Hibiscus Rose Rouge Hair Rinse (1oz weight)

Violet Sweet Pea Hair Rinse (1oz weight)



Flower Essence Tonic of Season (.5oz)

Jojoba Camellia nectar (1oz)

Lavender Essential Oil -Organic, Sustainably and Ethically Sourced,

GC/MS Tested for Purity (5ml)


Folk Flower Hair Care

Wild Sweet William Hair Cleanser

Rhassoul Clay Cleanser

Rose Mallow Hydrating Hair Rinse

Rose Geranium Hydrating Hydrosol

Lavender Calming + Balancing Hydrosol

Yarrow Scalp Nourishing Hydrosol



8fl oz WATR amber glass mister bottle for cutting

8fl oz Empty Rinse Bottle


Printed WATR Foundations Journal - Blank Guide for Notes

WATR Pin + Sticker (share the love!)


You may order this kit once you have invested into the Hair Healer Intensive. I will double check your order here with your Intensive order, please make sure your information matches. Kits are packed within 2 weeks of placing your order; shipping times + delivery vary based on your location and choice of carrier.

Thank you and Welcome to Wildflower!!!