Intro to FLWR Hair Color Guide

A 15 page guide on how to naturally color hair with florals, leaves + bark. Learn why some dyes work and others don't, plus how to gently lighten your locks.

Written and researched by a herbal hairstylist with many years of trial + error with flowers and herbs for hair color. This guide is a beautiful foundational tool to start your journey in all natural hair color. Forget about label reading, confusing chemistry terms or fears of toxic conventional chemicals. Plants offer us all we need to adorn our locks, nourish our scalps and become free of modern day beauty expectations. It's time to reclaim your own beauty + celebrate the uniqueness you possess.

Flower Hair Color Guide includes information on Hair Rinses, Hair Stains, Henna + Ayurvedic Hair Color, as well as Natural Hair Brighteners. Each topic covers flowers and botanics specific to each category, how they work, limits + expectations plus an easy to follow step by step tutorial on using each type of hair color at home or salon. At the end of the guide you will also find a Resource list for purchasing florals + henna for trying these out yourself.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please reach out via our contact page. Hair + health is our passion and would love to help guide you in anyway possible.

**This guide is for your own personal use ONLY. We are enabling free downloads of this guide as it's something we feel many women can benefit from. We are trusting in good faith you will follow these wishes and not reproduce, sell or share with others.**