Apple Daisy Tonic

An Ode to Sweet Summer Days and the scent of fresh apple blossoms + garden chamomile growing nearby.

Apple Daisy Balancing Rinse is a simple union between infused organic apple cider vinegar and biodynamic + organically farmed chamomile. A unique, feminine and deeply joyful rinse to support scalp + hair oil production, softly remove buildup, add immense shine + luster back into your strands and to balance after cleaning with our Roots & Stone Clay Cleanser.

To Use:

Fill a shower safe bottle or one of our Rinse Bottles with warm water. Next add in 1-2 teaspoons of Apple Daisy Balancing Tonic (more for long, thick hair and less for shorter or fine hair.) After cleansing, apply rinse over scalp + hair. Deeply massage in, allow to sit 5+ minutes and lightly rinse.

This rinse may be used every time you cleanse, as a monthly treatment or to revive lost shine. Adding a drizzle of honey to your blend to help add hydration and softness if your hair is on the dryer side.

Ingredients: organic apple cider vinegar, organic USA farm grown chamomile

Avoid eye contact as vinegar doesn't feel that great in the eyes! This is in a glass bottle, please do not use in the shower. Store in a cool, dark and dry space in between uses.