Folk Flower + Herb Materia Medica Journal Lesson

I bet your wondering what in the world is a Materia Medica? And why is it so important in my herbal studies? I mean it sounds a little intimidating, but trust me it’s anything but!

Simply put, a Materia Medica is an organized collection of herbal and flower knowledge that one has gathered through experience, research and use.

 These range from herbs used in kitchen cooking to body care and medicinally used plants. The type of content varies based on your own interests! I love to include a pressed and dry piece of the plant, its energetic or spiritual information I gain, scent profile, how I would use it based on research and my own experience and so much more.

 The best part is the learning and growing is never done. A Materia Medica or what I like to call it -Folk Flower + Herb Journal - is always growing. Whenever you discover or feel something new, add it to your journal!

This guide will help walk you through:

  • How to create you’re very own, unique Folk Flower + Herb Journal. 
  • Inspiration on places and ways to collect botanics. 
  • Information on Wildcrafting and how to go about it safely + responsibly. 
  • How to properly dry your flowers + plants
  • 3 Simple Dry Racks you can create with items you probably already have
  • My favorite Folk method of pressing flowers + leaves, plus directions on how to create your own flower press (it’s easy, I swear!)
  • And an example of what a page in your Folk Flower + Herb Journal might look like.

I’ve also included some of my favorite herbal resources for your continual studies!

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